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Posts Tagged Freevents

Power Flicker on Laptop (Philips X53)

The power keeps flickering on my Philips X53, in the past I’ve gone for the time honoured tradition with older laptops of the “Cable Wiggle”, but on this occasion that doesn’t seem to be the problem! The DC pin inside appears to be loose – to the point where I can wiggle it up and down with a pen. Clearly this is on the otherside of the motherboard so probably a heft job to replace, anyone who has done this on a Philips X53 / Freevents, please get in touch below!

by Keiron on November 23rd, 2007 | Hardware | 1 Comment » |

March Search Roundup!

What have people been looking up to find me this month I wonder, a quick glance at the stats reveals it’s been a pretty quiet month – with the biggest amount of visitors being the “bots” with Yahoo visiting nearly 3,000 times so far this month almost double it’s competitor MSN with only 1,600! Google still isn’t showing me the love at 797 and I may consider a change of theme soon to see if that helps. So, how did people come to me from the search engines this month: Skillett Well it’s my name, and the domain name – no real surprises there! Or are they really looking for Skillet, a Christian rock band from Memphis? 01772 208600 That… Continue reading »

by Keiron on March 29th, 2007 | Search Roundup | No Comments » |