What have people been looking up to find me this month I wonder, a quick glance at the stats reveals it’s been a pretty quiet month – with the biggest amount of visitors being the “bots” with Yahoo visiting nearly 3,000 times so far this month almost double it’s competitor MSN with only 1,600! Google still isn’t showing me the love at 797 and I may consider a change of theme soon to see if that helps.

So, how did people come to me from the search engines this month:

  • Skillett
    Well it’s my name, and the domain name – no real surprises there! Or are they really looking for Skillet, a Christian rock band from Memphis?
  • 01772 208600
    That old chestnut, yep – Blue Bamboo are still cold calling! Oddly enough they’ve not called me, but Communications Direct tried yesterday – I was typically most unhelpful!
  • Top Gear Finished
    Clarkson says it is, the BBC say it isn’t – is this how we do contract negotiation these days?
  • Chris Moyles
    I loved the book and obviously his fans are finding me! If you don’t have a copy yet, go and buy it – NOW – in act click the link in the review and the nice people at amazon will leave a shiny new copy on your doorstep
  • Keiron Moyles
    You probably mean Kieron Moyles, Chris’s older brother who works as a radio plugger just round the corner from Radio 1. It certainly ain’t me!
  • Reggae Reggae Sauce
    Still not tried this yet, but by all account Levi Roots is going from strength to strength with is reggae, reggae sauce! Also his song has been searched for several time “Proper Tings”.
  • Leicester City Jokes
    Hmmmmmmmm, Not sure what page they’re finding with that!!!
  • Saving Youtube Videos
    People still want to save YouTube videos of a geek dancing to Barbie Girl, or the Guy on ski’s travelling down a London Underground escalator it seems!
  • error code 800ccca0
    This is an NNTP_RESPONSE_ERROR, meaning your newsgroup server has failed to respond correctly (and why should it I hear you ask!)
  • freevents x53
    Still going strong! The Philips Freevents X53 in fact I’m writing this on it right now! The touchpad has discoloured a little – mainly due to overuse I think!!!

That concludes our interest for this month! Maybe I ought to try this with all my sites and see what people are really interested in?!