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Posts Tagged facebook

The Day Social Media Simply Froze!

What did you do while Twitter was out for two hours? Switch to Facebook? Was your profile available there? No? My goodness Social Media froze and all apparently for one blogger! An orchestrated attack yesterday on several sites caused a two hour blackout on Twitter and degraded service on Facebook. Even Google was hit, but defended itself and is now assisting other companies to investigate the attack. It now appears that all of this was to annoy one user, a pro-Georgian activist blogger known as Cyxymu, Cyxymu has previously been critical of the Russian government over the war in the South Ossetia region and their handling of it. A botnet (networks of home and business computers which have been infected… Continue reading »

by Keiron on August 7th, 2009 | News | 1 Comment » |

Facebook sez, “Don’t mind us, we’re just whoring out your photos”

Rise rip via downloadsquad.com Matt pointed me in the direction of this today and I’ve got to say it’s not something I’ve noticed before, but is something I intend to do something about! There’s a new bit in Facebook settings: Interception dvd Facebook occasionally pairs advertisements with relevant social actions from a user’s friends to create Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads make advertisements more interesting and more tailored to you and your friends. These respect all privacy rules. The Aviator divx Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving hd This is what happened to Peter Smith, in the image above who did think the image of the young single was pretty hot – she just happened to already be his wife!!!!!! You… Continue reading »

by Keiron on July 17th, 2009 | Quick Posts | 3 Comments » |

Facebook – All in Private?

Now before I start this – I don’t want you to get me wrong, I like Facebook, I like it a lot: I’ve got in contact with people I haven’t seen in years! I don’t have to send an email round to tell people what a fantastic holiday I had (I just post it and the photos and they can choose to look at it when/if they want to). I do have some gripes though… The amount of time-wasting people do on it. I scoot on have a look and scoot off (but then I  do have a billion and one things to do around the net!). The fact that people use it as the number one method of communication… Continue reading »

by Keiron on July 5th, 2009 | Websites | 6 Comments » |

Selective Status Updates on FaceBook

Maradona by Kusturica dvd I’ve never turned on Twitter syncing my Facebook status, I’ll be honest half of what I tweet I wouldn’t want as my Facebook status! Plus it would result in 20-30 status-updates a day! Alpha Dog move Diary of the Dead move Devakishor posted (and tweeted) today a great solution to this, after asking his Twitter followers for a solution. The solution to this appears to be Selective Twitter Status Application Final Voyage psp ! With this installed, when I tweet something that I want to appear on Facebook, all I need to do is add #fb to the tweet!

by Keiron on February 23rd, 2009 | Blogging & Communities | 2 Comments » |

Is Friends Reunited Losing Money?

They must be! I didn’t renew my Friends Reunited membership, like I suspect an awful lot of people.. Why? Read on to find out… A Bit of History Friends Reunited was a phenomenon, a real home-grown internet success story and everyone loved it, grown out of a card-index in a back bedroom to become a multi-million pound business. There was the usual elements of bullying and trouble – but lets face it, it was just like being back in the school playground! Back in 2005 Friends Reunited was bought by ITV, a somewhat odd transaction in many peoples minds. The deal at the time was £175m (£120m + £55m in bonuses) for the four year old site that was expected… Continue reading »

by Keiron on October 19th, 2007 | Blogging & Communities | No Comments » |

Good Idea: Facebook Status Updates and RSS feeds!

Do you login to Facebook and see the little list on the right hand side of what your friends have been upto? There’s just 4 of them normally, quite pathetic really – surely you have more friends than that? Did you realise you can get an RSS feed of these? For the uninitiated here is Wikipedia’s article on RSS Feeds, they’re really quite useful and allow you to subscribe to all sorts of things without having to actually visit the site, you can even subscribe to this site by clicking this button: I use it to read all of my favourite blogs (and there are a lot), keep me updated on the BBC news and even to keep tabs on… Continue reading »

by Keiron on September 12th, 2007 | Blogging & Communities | No Comments » |