Unofficial figures suggest that over 7 million people watched the final episode of the series last night. 6.6 million for the first half hour growing to 7.7 after Manchester United’s 7-1 romp over Roma on ITV1.

The climax was still open to interpretation, as to whether Sam is mad, still in a coma or back in time? But that debate can rage on for as long as it takes – it’s all over, at least for Sam Tyler it is!

The show won an Emmy for it’s first series, reports suggest a US version will be made. The second series currently has three nominations for BAFTA’s (including best drama).

A sequel is now planned (let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into a police version of Quantam Leap!), Ashes to Ashes where a female detective will be stuck in 1981 after an accident.

John Simm will not return, but the delightfully politically incorrect DCI Gene Hunt (played by Philip Glenister) will return in the next series.

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