Well the Migraine still hadn’t cleared completely this morning, so I dragged myself out of bed early (I say early, but Emma had already gone to work) and emailed the guys at work, asking them to inform the relevant people for me. It’s easier to email then I catch the first person in the office.

I trundled around the house for a bit before reading the BBC News and finding out about “History Matters :: One Day in History” (when I finish this post I may well post it there as well, so you may find it’s a little more detailed than ususal!). I sorted out a few emails and then crashed on the sofa for a bit.

I’d got work on the brain when I woke up, so logged on to check a few BetterWebSpace emails – sorted out a few customers, and then loaded up the new laptop a Philips X53, after 10 minutes of use the touchpad packed in. A system reboot and a rollback to a restore point didn’t resolve the issue – so off I trundled back to PC World on the other side of town!

Thankfully I got the same Sales assistant who sold me the laptop on Saturday, I think he was more thankful after seeing the customers his colleague served whilst he was with me!!! Everything from dropped (allegedly) Digital Camera’s and the Sale of Goods Act to a woman that wanted a keyboard to plug into an S-Video port because she’d used all her USB ports!

Needless to say, their tech guys wanted to do another system restore before they’d believe the laptop was deceased, I had a wander. I have to admit to witnessing just how “geeky” most PC World staff are! I work in the tech industry but this takes the biscuit, there’s nothing wrong with the guys and they know their stuff but this was just funny! A pretty young lady came in looking for something, bless her she hadn’t got a clue what she needed as she tottered around the store in high heels, but she watched one guy talk to a customer for a good 20 minutes, wandered around the shop twice before grabbing hold of the duty manager. Only then did she get any sense, PC World obviously needs more red-blooded males!

Emma rang whilst I was negotiating the murderous traffic in Swindon rush hour, I agreed to meet her at Sainsburys, and I stupidly admired (with my sadistic humour) the stupid amount of traffic coming away from Sainsburys.

We wandered around Sainsburys for 20 mins, neither of us wanting to get into the car again after looking at the traffic. By the time we came out it hadn’t improved and we even joked about just leaving our cars there (it’s less than kilometer to home)! I wish we had! Have you ever spent 45 minutes in grid-lock in car park!?!?!?!?!?! They were even giving it out on the local traffic news!

So we’ve settled down for the evening, watched Spooks and now I’m chilled on the Sofa, playing with the new replacement laptop – yep the other one was stuffed! I’ve almost installed everything and am thinking about buying a domain to do with the laptop to blog everything seperately there! Enough smart ideas for one day methinks!