My last post was over a month ago, when I announced that Auntie Spam had gone away. Then I went away too…

Not really, we’ve barely been anywhere! I’ve just been too busy to post anything, what free time I have has been spent on the business (I don’t really have a concept of “free” time anymore the business seems to consume it).

What have I done since that last post?

  • I now have a Shed Kit (I’m going to have to get a shed now aren’t I?)
  • A Slow Cooker – look out of recipes as I try them and feel free to post your own!
  • EDF Cup Final Tickets!
  • A shocking game that Emma won’t play with me 🙁 Having played it now, I’m not sure how keen the sender of the gift will be to play it!!
  • We had a house full on Boxing Day, and a big thank you to Toria for some drunken fun in the form of “Articulate
  • We had kind of a quiet New Year and then went up to see family, demonstrating that wiping a computer every so often can make such a huge difference to the speed of it and then freezing with 15,000 other people on the Rugby terraces the following day!
  • After all that it was kind of back to work, although I’ve not really had much of a break as I’ve been working almost every day (I know some of you say that’s what you get for running your own business, but this was for the day job!!!).

    So what’s planned for the coming weeks?

    • Work, work and more work probably!
    • Launching the new website.
    • Some new and interesting things happening for the business.