Be warned, rant mode is on….

We’ve live in our new home for over a year now, having moved in 15 months ago. The house wasn’t new when we bought it, it was about a year old.

I ordered myself some IT equipment on Friday (yes the backup saga will probably be solved by this kit!) and stayed at home on Wednesday to accept delivery of it (amongst several other deliveries).

When it hadn’t turned up by early afternoon I went hunting for my tracking number kindly provided to me by the online shop I’d purchased from.

This is what I got from the ParcelForce tracking number:

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure trailer

Date Time Location 40 Days and 40 Nights trailer

Training Day psp

Tracking Event
27-05-2009 14:18 Bristol North Depot Delivery rescheduled
27-05-2009 11:17 Bristol North Depot Cannot locate address
26-05-2009 13:50 Bristol North Depot Undeliverable – insufficient / incorrect address
25-05-2009 22:54 Bristol North Depot Out for delivery
23-05-2009 01:11 Bristol North Depot Arrived at delivery depot
22-05-2009 21:14 National Hub Sorted in hub

The 14:18 update came after my phone call to the depot (after I’d hunted for 10 minutes for the number!). So it went out for delivery and nobody could find our house (two days in a row possibly!). I was repeatedly ask by the Parcel Force rep whether it was a new build – no it’s not and you’ve delivered here plenty of times before!!!

She even resorted to looking it up on Google (I told her not to bother as that categorically still puts us in the middle of a field!), why is it people only trust Google – I’m stood in this very house right now!

In the end I resorted to having it delivered to a local post office, but this is far from ideal as it will have to happen every time I want a ParcelForce delivery (i.e. get one failure then get it delivered to the post office!).