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Getting Back on the Horse!

No – I don’t ride, but getting back on the horse is still a tough thing to do when you’ve taken a knock, whatever the circumstances….

I’ve had a fairly tough year this year to date (some of which you’ll have heard about back in February), but I’m picking myself up again slowly, I’ve been back at work for a while now (with the assistance of my doctors and a few tablets on the way!). My panic seems to be keeping tabs on itself, and the stress levels are OK-ish so long as nobody rocks the boat (believe me, generally somebody rocks the boat at least once per day!!).

I have no energy for some things, and a massive renewed energy for others. I’m not sure where that sits with posting on this blog (I’ve managed to Twitter a lot and not blog much recently) I will try to blog more here, I’m just not one of those people who can produce a blog post everyday. But I do see a lot of stuff on Twitter and in my Google Reader I’d like to investigate/write about.

I’m doing lots of automation work on the business to make my life easier (and to support my customers better) so that really does take priority. I’ve also spent more and more time away from computers, in the garden (which is nearly complete thank goodness) and getting out with my camera.

What are your priorities at the moment, and have they changed now summer has come around?

You Kill Me video

I’m not sure where this blog post was going when I started it, and I’m not sure about how it ended – but I’ll post it anyway!

This entry was posted on Friday, June 12th, 2009 at 11:25 am and is filed under Personal Diary. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

Comments (3)


  1. Congratulations on getting “back on the horse” – I know its been a tough few years and admire your strength and courage.

    It’s funny how peoples priorities change, once driven to be an engineer – I ended up in sales, then driven by work – now I’m driven by what really matters most – I love my wife, family, friends, home…sometime even the dog when he’s good – and will do anythign for them.

    People often talk about “work-life” balance and how ensure the sea-saw is equal, etc – I say sod the sea-saw, throw it away, a job just pays the bills, automate and get rid of all those tasks you hate in search for good health & good company!

    Darren Cranniss last blog post..Email on the move…Nokia E71 now (finally) working!

  2. Keiron says:

    I don’t think I have that much “courage” actually I’m generally a nervous wreck! I just have an evil sense of humour, and whilst my dogged determination had been broken a bit – for some things it’s absolutely back 100%.

    I agree completely – work-life balance should only be tipped one way on the sea-saw!

  3. Jill says:

    Congratulations on getting back on the horse. Hopefully you can keep the stress at a minimum. Easier to say than do of course.

    This year has been pretty stressful. I talked to a dentist and they said the number of people grinding their teeth (a sign of stress) is through the roof. Personally I am trying to lower stress levels but keep an eye on the business at the same time which can sometimes be a tightrope.

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