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Can we Institutionalise all Pedestrians?

I’m an A to B kind of guy, who might enjoy the scenery on the way – but I am not, I repeat NOT a dawdler! Not in towns anyway, walking in the countryside is a different game of course…

On the Way Home
Creative Commons License photo credit: Caveman 92223

My problem is this, if I’m on a pavement I expect to be able to get to where I need to – that’s what pavements are designed for isn’t it?

I get tired of people wandering and dawdling in front of me, and bumping into me from the wrong direction (clearly it’s wrong as it’s not the direction I’m walking in!!!). This was proved more than ever several weeks ago when I attended a fund-raising event my sister was taking part in, thousands of people dawdling or walking in the wrong direction!!

My Proposal is simple, we create a set of rules for pavements!

I’m not proposing that if you want to walk in one direction you can only walk on one side of the street, but it’s not far off that idea, and obviously if an accident were to happen with the below that could be a contingency!

It’s simple:

We paint a line down the middle of pavements everywhere (see there’s jobs there for someone!), OK not everywhere – just busy pavements (a system of A-pavements and B-pavements is now forming in my mind!). If you want to dawdle with your ice-cream or bag of chips you dawdle close to the shop windows where you can gaze into the shops. If you want to move quickly you move closer to the line down the middle.

The same principle applies on the other side of the line except that dawdlers are actually closer to the line so they can still see in the shop windows. I know what you’re saying – what if they want to see closer? That’s easy – they should move past the window of interest, indicate appropriately (hand in the air or something) and cross the lane of A-B walkers in their fast lane to join the dawdlers on the other side – passing the shop again or even stopping to enter the shop.

pedestrian x-ing
Creative Commons License photo credit: Toni_V

Rant over – Thoughts?

This entry was posted on Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 at 5:43 pm and is filed under Personal Diary. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

Comments (7)


  1. Magicroundabout says:

    Can I add that users of large umbrellas will require themselves to take umbrella holding lessons (for both up and down umbrellas), pass a test and obtain a license? 🙂
    .-= Magicroundabout´s last blog ..The Garden – Pest Control =-.

  2. Keiron says:

    I’m with you on this one…. although the wife says I may need to re-sit my umbrella test?

  3. Kate says:

    okay and then there’s the pushchair and wheelchair users not to mention the people with sticks and crutches – where do they go? The crawler lane?

    Brilliant idea – after spending that very Sunday with you – but it would take more policing than the roads!!!
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..I do like to be beside the sea-side! =-.

  4. Keiron says:

    Obviously the crawler lane… Unless they agree to have a piggy-back (see how car sharers get their own special lanes?!).

    And you’re creating more jobs, pedestrian police.. Not a bad thing given that we’ve just announced the highest unemployment since 1995 in this country?

  5. K8 says:

    Solves so many problems!!
    -Stops your ankles being clipped by buggies
    -Stops that awkward side-to-side shuffle dance people do when they want to pass each other but keep picking the same side
    -Stops small children walking off with the wrong parents when theirs have stopped to check the estate agent’s window

    Grafton Street does my head in… I’ve always thought there was a need for direction lanes there. As soon as I had my first kid I made a beeline for it with my buggy to get years worth of revenge.

    In short, yeah I’d sign that petition.

  6. Keiron says:

    Excellent – Multinational supporters that’s what we need on this venture!!

  7. At Christmas time in Oxford Street they do exactly that – they have two lanes, a fast lane and a ‘shoppers lane’ – with people standing on boxes fining you if you are in the wrong one – perfect!
    .-= Darren Crannis´s last blog ..Data Protection – How to avoid a £5000 fine and a Jail sentance =-.

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