We really should have had one on Friday night!

Fancying a change of scenery and spending some time in the next major town along the motorway, we booked a night at The De Vere Venue at Wokefield Park, Reading. Not somewhere I’d normally even think about, but Martin Lewis was recommending it in his latest newsletter as they were doing a range of cheap nights – before I knew what I was doing I’d got us a night away for £19!

After struggling to find it (I listened to that damned sat-nav again rather than following the directions I’d noted down from their website!), we drove through the gates onto a long drive through a golf course! Driving up to the hotel it looks pretty impressive, and as we walked from the car park we agreed that we’d stay all of 10 minutes before heading into Reading before the shops shut.

Check in was swift and easy as we both looked around the huge reception with two cars in it! Quite impressive! Then we headed off to our room, “get the crystal, get the crystal” I called to Emma as we wound our way down several corridors (it’s a Crystal Maze joke for those that didn’t get it!).

The room was, shall we call it basic? Surprising me a little, the 12″ portable TV? 5 Channels? One pillow each? No book to tell you anything about the hotel’s facilities (the receptionist did tell us at 600wpm – but it’s always worth a read), in fact the only literature in the room was a guide to the alarm clock (it did look like a throwback from the 1970’s)! The line “What do you expect for £19?” came to mind, but then I remembered that this was a special offer, would they really have removed these things because of the offer or were they never there in the first place?!?

We trundled off out to Reading to pick up some books about our holiday destination, hit a pub to read them and then headed off to Nando’s for dinner…. We were debating a film at the cinema, but fed and watered wondered if we’d manage to stay awake, so headed back to the hotel.

We headed off to the bar when we got back, well….. Lots of people (not your normal clinical hotel bar residents that amuse me so much!), families meeting up from random parts of the country, couples just fancying a change of scenery (or so they said!), bunches of friends meeting up all for £19.

If Martin Lewis had been there he probably wouldn’t have had to buy a drink all night!

Would I go back? For £19 yes, for full price – I’d have to seriously think about it!