A fiver to go to the loo!? Women surely must have more money than sense?

Powder Room
A Welsh View reports that the new super-do toilets are opening opposite Selfridges in Oxford Street. WC-1 aims to offer the most glamorous comfort break imaginable for time-poor, cash-rich shoppers and busy career women! Women with more money than sense if you ask me!

Relaxing Music? Considerate Lighting? – Sounds more like a gentlemans club!!

4,000 sq ft of toilets? For just 19 cubicles, that can’t be cost effective?

Admittedly you’ll be able to get massages and manicures, but hey wait a minute, does that not just make this a glorified beauty salon with extra toilets that they’re charging people for, it’s not rocket science surely!?

Hmm… Either way it seems to have grabbed the Telegraphs attention, so it’ll probably make some cash on the back of the media buzz!