You still there? Good, I’ll continue!

Yet another productivity sapping problem has hit the UK (according to – hey that site makes me WILF). OK, OK, what exactly is Wilfing?

Wilf stands for “What Was I Looking For”, it’s the act of getting distracted and wandering off to another website, despite actually going online for a specific reason. Are you still here? Or maybe you got wilfed here and I’ve held your interest longer than normal! Excellent!

It’s kind of the online version of a “senior moment”, like walking into the kitchen, stopping, looking confused and asking yourself: “What did I come in here for?”.

70% of the 2,400 surveyed have the odd wilf here and there, and that amounts to people spending an average of two working days each month wandering the web aimlessly! A quarter of those surveyed spent 30% of their net time wilfing (that’s one working day every two weeks!!).

If you’re still here (and chose to be here in the first place), thank you for holding your interest.

If you wilfed here, welcome! Please bookmark me and come back soon!