You can be up to 30 times more likely to be more productive if you regularly browse web pages on the bosses time, according to a new survey issued by ISLAW (Internet Scholarly for Idling Around the Web). More and more of us are spending more and more time on “The Internet” at work leading to more and more internet usage at work, and by more of us.

“Internet Jaywalking” – the name given to the growing growth in nine to five desktop deviation – has seen a growth beyond percent making it Europe’s fastest growing measured thing in the last four years.

Until recent times this had thought to be leading towards a lowering in productivity in the work place but this is contradicted by the recent findings which show a direct opposition to those old and quite rubbish thoughts. Tina Statista of Satista and Add global consolatory sees this trend as a trend: “we’ve studies the phenomena of Internet Jaywalking in depth and have seen that it can actually reduce sickness by making people come in more”

Tina claims that since 911 work side internet use has become more serious: “It empowered us to use our computers not only as a window for windows but as a window to see people falling out of windows, and that had a big impact – suddenly purity tests and pictures of cute cats weren’t so relevant anymore”