I have more forgetful moments these days, “a sign of age” I joke as my wife extracts yet another white hair from my head (I keep telling her I’m going to go grey gracefully like George Clooney but she’s having none of it!).

90/365: The headache look (+13 things)

Now in a new study by Virginia University it’s announced that it’s all downhill from 27 (and there was me hoping it was plain sailing until I was 40!). So clearly I’m past it already – this news gives me more ammunition for not taking part in my wife’s gardening or decorating schemes I think!

Professor Timothy Salthouse has found that reasoning, speed of thought and spatial visualisation all decline in your late 20’s, fortunately my wife is only 48 hours younger than me so won’t get the chance to wind me up too much about my downhill struggle!

On the other hand my sister should worry – she’s at her mental peak right now..

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Mr.Thomas