New Yorkers (and visitors to the area who had the foresight to carry things around that irritate them!) have said goodbye to their bad memories from 2009 in a public shredding ceremony in Times Square.

Entering full on paranoia mode
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ben Brown

Items that got shredded included:

  • Letters from ex-lovers,
  • Photos of ex-lovers,
  • Redundancy letters,
  • and newspaper clippings of bad days for people’s favourite sports teams!

This is the third event of it’s kind!

One “shredder” placed a piece of paper into the shredder that simply said “Writer’s Block” – she hopes to write a musical this year.

For items that could not be shredded, the Times Square Alliance were most helpful in providing a sledgehammer and a large waste-container.

What would we have in the UK, maybe the “Pointless Kitchen Gadgets Destruction Day?” – Let me know in the comments!