It had to happen eventually didn’t it?

I’ve long been one of these people who gets immensely bored on flights and would like nothing more than a chinwag with friends. I have however learnt to use the time on flights wisely:

  • Reading
  • Ignoring the decidely crap and cut film
  • Thoroughly enjoying the main source of entertainment (people fighting with the drinks trolley to get to the toilet!)
  • Debating why there are no more fit air hostesses

All in all as you can see I make use of the time very wisely!

Today it’s been announced that the use of mobiles (cellphones for the yanks!) on short-haul flights in Europe is likely to get the nod next year (BMI, Air France and TAP have all signed up for trials).

The regulatory requirements could take a little more work as the developers (OnAir – a JV between Airbus and Sita) are looking for the flight approval to be granted in the country where the aircraft is registered and then each country that aircraft flies over in Eurorpe should recognise that authorisation. They are also asking to be exempt from spectrum licensing as calls will not be allowed until they are in the air and out of reach of calls on the ground! – A tall order if you ask me?!

With roaming charges set to start at $2.50 onboard, and in close proximity to so many other people – I can see a whole new breed of Air-Rage on the horizon!