A Spanish scrapyard has come up with a classic way to take your frustrations out on modern living!

For 40 Euros, you get a hammer, a helmets, overalls, goggles and heavy metal music for head banging, make your way into the scrapyard bash away at anything you feel like from cars and computers to mobile phones and photos of your boss!

“First when they arrive, they feel afraid and uncertain because we motivate people a lot so they can smash up more things,” said co-founder Jorge Arribas.

“But then, after they have smashed everything you can see them more free of worry and relaxed.”

He said some people brought photos of their bosses and put them on top of cars before attacking them with a hammer.

You are given two hours to bash away to your hearts content – however nobody has managed more than 30 minutes!

This is the website of the company organising it
And you can take a look at some action shots from the scrapyard (in spanish I’m afraid – but the pictures say it all!)