It would appear my efforts to get “unbanned” from the Google index have been fruitful!

Many moons ago in a previous incarnation of this blog, I had a very poorly configured copy of b2evo, which was full of spam comments and trackbacks. This eventually led to to a google ban as far as I could see 🙁

Eventually I removed the WordPress installation (although I still get spiders and spam trackbacks going to the pages where the old installation was – I simply return them a 404 or a redirect (I can’t remember which) to this much better and secure blog.

How did I go about it. I removed everything that was causing a problem – the whole blog was gone (I managed to save some of it and import it to what you see here). I created a sitemap, uploaded it to google webmaster tools, and then completed a re-inclusion request.

This all happened many months ago, and to be fair I thought my domain was banned for good and considered buying a new one, but decided it’s just for my little old blog do I care. But all has come good now, so I’ll worry about it no more!

Welcome google-ites!

Reference: Search Engine Optimization Blog discusses being banned in a little more detail