Do you find you fight your way through your RSS feed reader, frantically clicking “Mark as Unread” (like I’m going to find time to come back to them?), “Star this” (Hmmm I might find time to post about this it seems quite interesting) and “Mark all as Read” (that writer really is writing a pile of tosh these days maybe I should unsubscribe?).

From your 158 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 2,150 items, starred 165 items, shared 0 items and emailed 0 items.

ARRRGGHH…. See, that’s another bunch of things starred to add to the 2,000 other items (and the 755 I haven’t read yet) – and you know what…… It will only get worse tomorrow!

This appears to be a somewhat ongoing saga as well, I first was concerned about this nearly a year ago with only 39 Feeds…. I now have 158!!!!!

Watch out for lots, and lots of Starred Up linking coming your way really soon!

Note: The song has nothing to do with anything other than the title of this post!