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New Feature – Starred Up #1!

In what could be come a new feature of this blog, I shall go through the items I’ve starred in my Google Reader and blog about them as I read them (it may be regular or irregular feature depending on how interesting what I’m reading is!). This whole theory is inspired by Maki at Dosh Dosh’s Link Attack and may just stop all my starred items building up and forcing me to do something with them – or at least blog about a few of them and come back to others!

Note: Clearly if you want to be featured on this page, I need to be reading your blog regularly and have it in my feed reader – and if I don’t know about your blog – I’m not likely to do that am I? So get in touch if you have something I might like reading!

From Vlad’s blog in the last couple of weeks I have been interested in his Press Releases, particularly on his Web Hosting Review Blog, via PRWeb Press Release, press releases are something I’ve often been interested in, but not sure how they’d go down and whether they really work – does anyone have any more information on this?

I’m also interested in the PRWeb Trackbacks that Vlad discusses at the end of his post, and have starred this for later reading – so we may well come back to that one in later posts?

Eve over at Home Bizz Blogger has been busy with her new domain, so busy that I wondered how she found time for some of the things she does, however the key may just be her Egg Timer – check it out, it’s not such a bad idea!

Lifehacker always have a tonne of stuff I’m interested in, heck I could probably star 75% of their entire feed every week! But let’s take a look of some of the key things they’ve reported on recently that have grabbed me!

  • The freelancers toolset, lists 100 Web Apps for everything you might need – this is a great set of tools and something I’ll have to go through in more detail before we go on honeymoon I think! Thankfully it’s not just a list of Web2.0 programs, but a real list of how they can be used!
  • Making Custom Wallpaper looks REALLY, REALLY cool – but quite scary in other ways!!!! Think of what you could end up with, with the right inclination!!!
  • Contrast, now I’m no photographer, I like what I see sometimes, but these guys really know how to play with contrast and use it your advantage – it’s something I may want to do in the future so shall keep tabs on it, in fact the whole website over at Digital Photography School looks quite interesting.

WordPress related info I’ve read in the last few weeks include Pearsonified’s Definitive Guide to Semantic Markup a fantastic article on getting the right structure for your blog, and as I keep regenerating the theme for mine, and haven’t won Eve’s competition yet I may have to sit down and read this in deep detail!

The stuff on Pearsonified stands for this site, but for some of the more monetised and adsense style blogs I play with I particularly like Dosh Dosh’s ProSense theme and will be installing it ASAP in a few places!

Firefox I’m a self confessed Firefox addict and this just made me laugh

The lifehacker tip on Firefox Bookmarking of tabs makes life so much easier, dashing from work to home as well!Well that concludes this times Favourites, I’ve only just started using Google Reader for my RSS feeds and am absolutely loving it (and probably not using it to half it’s potential! If you have a blog that should be in my reader, drop me a comment!

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  1. Vlad says:

    Hi Keiron,
    First of all, thank you for being so generous with links. I appreciate it. If you are interested on further exploring PRWeb press releases think take a look at the following offer:

    Empower Women Now PRWeb Offer

    This is how got my most recent press release that you mention here in this post- for Web Hosting Review Blog. By the way I have enabled track backs- any one can get trackbacks from that press release- I approve them within 24 hours.

    PRWeb track back have proven to be very beneficial to me in achieving some outstanding rankings in Google. Take a look on my post about PRWeb Easy Submit if you follow the link you will notice a trackback to my blog on the page of the press release. This press release has PR 6- most likely the highest quality incoming link to my site.

    Again thanks for referencing to my posts. I am planing to write up an update about the results from the latest press release, I will e-mail you wen I post it on my blog.

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