When I signed up for bumpzee, I created my own community, it was mainly to give me something new to read on a friday afternoon when I’m dragging out the afternoon in the office. I considered the fact that other people may be looking for the same as well, so set it up – I didn’t get a chance on Friday of this week to take a look at the blogs – so this comes to you on Saturday morning, whilst watching the Australia v Wales Rugby game!

Most of the blogs in there are my own, so I’ll skip over them this time! It’s the new stuff I’m interested in!

  • Wierd Websites by Stevestuff is the first one on the list, it’s description is listed simply as “Featuring weird, strange, and interesting websites.
    The first post (which I’ve seen before but it still makes me laugh!) is “Dirty Illusions“, a selection of photo’s that might be dirty, but probably actually aren’t – great stuff!
    Prior to this, Steve was discussing a rather “interesting” event being held in San Francisco later today!
  • Next on the list is a Poetry Blog, now I’m not really a poetry buff, but some of these did make me smile! Nice to have some culture in our little Bumpzee community!
  • And last, but by no means least is Tobsy (he’s also a member of the same DoFollow community that I am), the first post I read from Tobsy is inspired by a report on Google in the Financial Times. I loved his comment on this:

    We are Google. Resistance is futile. You will be data mined. We will add your informational distinctiveness to our database. Your culture will adapt to be serviced by us.

    Classic! I don’t think he’s paranoid at all, Google really do want to take control of our computers and online lives – I’m waiting for them to produce a TV channel and a Radio station!

    I also loved his post on Second Life

And that concludes our little community! Why don’t you think about joining?