We need to have a trip to London again soon, we’ve got so many friends that live in or around there and never get there! It’s only a short train ride for us (as effective as driving straight up the M4) so you can get some reasonable deals. I do remember though as a kid going to London  and having to plan to do one or two things simply because of how expensive London can be.

Then today I noticed through one of the many sites I read that the London Pass is a great deal for London sightseeing and actually contains free entry to 56 of the tourist attractions in and around the capital (you can even purchase one that includes all your travel in and around London!). You can “queue jump” with it as well, at places that allow that (now that sounds like a cunning plan!).

So whether you’re looking for Places of Interest, Historic Buildings, Museums, Galleries, Tours & Cruises or just something fun to do, you’ll find you can pay one all-in price and visit 56 of these attractions (now that’s going to be a very busy day!).

One of our favourite resteraunts wagamama, even include a 2-for-1 deal for London Pass users!

London Pass something definitely worth thinking about the next time (if/when!) we get a free weekend!