Alright I’m only going to mention a few of them, but the 10 things we didn’t know last week grabbed my attention this morning and a learnt a few things!

The cost of the monarchy has gone up, by 4p (that’s per person in the UK mind!), it now costs us all 66p to keep them in the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to – I wonder if I could get everyone in the UK to just send me 10p – I’d feel a whole lot better about the situation then!

Recycling, it’s a big thing again these days – we remember when we were at school and there was a big drive then for it (mainly instigated by Blue Peter most of the time!). It now seems to have come round and caught up with us again. We recycle a lot in our house but some of the recycling rules I can’t fathom, particularly as wherever you go they are different (you can recycle one thing in one county and not in another). But at least it would appear more of us are recycling with 35% of bottles now being recycled – up from 3% in 2001.

AlienĂ‚Â³ the movie

13 people in a Volvo!? Wow!