Darragh gave me a nudge this morning and asked about whether my “Getting Your Goat” Meme was more of a traffic building exercise, not in the slightest – I was generally interested in things that irritate people for no apparent reason. I found my self quietly nodding in agreement to a lot of things that irritate people (we are an irritable bunch aren’t we?!?! Although Umbrella’s don’t bother me!).

I needed to do a follow up after I started it, but three things happened:

  1. I disappeared off on holiday, only to come back and find 1,000+ items in my Google Reader (it usually says that, but I don’t seem to be making a dent in it this time!!).
  2. I didn’t expect it to be quite so successful!
  3. I didn’t expect to be quite so run off my feet catching up with everything when I got back off holiday (I know – I should have realised that by now!)

So, a lesson to the wise… Only start a meme when you’ve got time on your hands… Otherwise people will wonder what you’re playing at!

Walking in the Rain

So let’s see, who took part as of today (and it is a big list!)

  • Grandad was up first, and for a change he actually enjoyed playing with a meme! I think we appealed to his evil side 🙂
  • Darragh was very visual with his irritations and finding so many good examples really inspired me to include more pictures in my posts! Darragh was also kind enough to start compiling a list of participants!
  • B’Dum, B’Dum
  • Lottie is still fighting the um-brolly war.
  • Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
  • Little Miss made me laugh, there really is no excuse for a mullet is there?
  • English Mum started off with an apology about the length of the post, I get the feeling this meme struck a chord with some people
  • Darren is in with the um-brolly crew, I still don’t get it – but the service industry is becoming an absolute nightmare at time! As for flowery hats – don’t get me started on Fascinators!
  • David Maybury has made a fair start, but hasn’t hit full flow with his meme yet – more ranting required I think!
  • K8 The GR8 was on complete form with her description of “A Bichon Frise is not a dog. It is a tampon with teeth.”
  • Sam @ Problemchild – quite rightly points out that the only thing that should be Salmon-pink is most definitely Salmon!
  • Jefferson Davis, I’m completely with on the Saggin’ Britches subject, they should take their mothers shopping with them and get something the right size!
  • Kirk doesn’t like tagging bloggers at the end of a meme, but he had a quick go anyway – I admire that in a man!
  • Grannymar has hit one of my pet hates… Why does cling film tie itself in knots!?!??!
  • Anthony McG, I’m a bit worried about his circle of friends… They tie his legs together when he’s trying to get some sleep!
  • Marlys at Senior Writer, is annoyed by cell phones, but it’s this whole business about allowing them on planes that’s going to annoy me – I may just have to swim instead of flying in future!
  • Digital Darragh‘s got drivers in his sites that can’t read road markings and I for one don’t blame him.
  • Ciara and Gav both joined in, people with stickers on the bottoms of their shoes don’t irritate me – they just make me laugh!
  • ForNinePounds is in a desk share arrangement – I simply couldn’t do it!!! I struggle with a cube some days!
  • Sinead needs Shazam in her life!
  • Monscooch got completely the wrong end of the stick and was off out with his tranquillizer gun looking for goats before we could stop him. The Tim Westwood thing made me laugh – the best part of all that is other people taking him off!
  • Sixty hates doctors waiting rooms as much as I do I think!

So what, did I enjoy the most? I really just don’t get the Umbrella’s thing, I find them quite useful – particularly when you get married in the Great Floods of 2007! Bad driving seems a popular topic, but it’s the wide range of things that has really intrigued me!


I know I’m going to have missed people and I will add more as I see them here, but if I’ve missed you please drop me a comment and I’ll get you added on to this list!

Creative Commons License photo credit: *clairity*