I trundled off to Technorati this morning to check whether some of my posts had been indexed there yet, it appears not. However some more amusing things were to be found when I searched for things I’d blogged about recently. The Philips X53 yielded just my blog (and old posts at that – not even yesterdays!).

But a search for “red-blooded males” which I blogged last night was far more interesting!

Jeff is concerned about the number of friend requests he gets in a day from twenty-something year old girls (isn’t he the lucky one), but to be fair I can see his point! Although girls that like to make friends by taking their clothes off raises some interesting ideas!! He’s 40 and these contacts are either just flaunting themselves or are just spoof attempts to get you to join porn sites!

Dan on the other has sussed that half the of the UK’s population are male, and as Males love Females – he’s changed his photo to Female for 24 hours to make more friends! He assures us he is NOT Female!

I loved the story about Eric Engledew on Phillip Howell’s blog, discussing how The Mirror were complaining about BOAC’s “immoral” tour offering, only to find Eric’s daughter near naked on the centre spread! Classic! His daughter Kate has obviously done more modelling work that has raised more than an eyebrow – check out why on Phillip’s blog. Eric Engledew died recently, but reading Philip’s dedication to him, I get the feeling I would have quite liked the guy!

Vic Voyeur is an interesting character. He states that his blog is for over 18’s only, as he wants to swear and post pictures of naked people. It appears these people would fit in with Jeff’s problem of the naked girls wanting to be his friend! Here he discusses his personal brief (and thankfully condensed – without pictures) history of internet porn!

Shortie‘s on a full scale investigation into friendships between hetrosexual men and women, that looks quite interesting, but I don’t think I have the brain power to go through it. I’ve got male and female friends, and would always have said that I was closer to female friends than male friends – I guess that’s true of most people. I appear to have got closer to the boys since the whole testicular cancer thing, it’s kind of a bonding process maybe – if you can talk about that with someone, you can talk about just about anything!

Adi Singh doesn’t have a digital camera and is a bit miffed about it I reckon. That’s about it!

Australian Politician Mark Latham appears to have got J-Seid‘s back up with his comments in his new book:
Plain speaking Australian politician Mark Latham ridiculed contemporary Australian male culture this week, complaining beer swilling macho men of old have been emasculated by feminists and neo-conservatives.

“Australian mates and good blokes have been replaced by nervous wrecks, metrosexual knobs and tossbags,” the former opposition leader declared in his new book of political philosophy ‘A Conga Line of Suckholes’, “It’s the revenge of the nerds.”

J-Seid has written an open letter in response that explains the psyche of Aussie males?! I think!??!?

And we round up with Lou, back in the UK, who had an interesting couple of days in Greenwich – Dorm party’s, traffic cones, and the girls decided to pole dance. The two red-blooded males (NOT!!!!!) continued to cook eggs! Very odd and not particularly red-blooded at all.

So that concludes our round up of red blooded males in the Technorati blogging world. A merry bunch (or at least some of them were!!).