We haven’t had a roundup since back in November 2007! Back then was to be my first play with Google Analytics for this purpose, and I’ll confess to not even looking at the internal stats packages this time – Analytics does the job perfectly well on it’s own.

Since November 2007, still out and out the most popular reasons to visit this site are:

Among the more random things people have searched for:

  • “mr whippy margaret thatcher” – why does this keep coming up!?!?!
  • “symptoms of being out of shape” – I thought this was pretty obvious
  • “proper tings (the reggae reggae sauce song)” – It is pretty damned good!
  • “celebrity bloggers” – I still don’t think I’ve seen any that interest me!
  • “Explanation of life” – Well I’m honoured people think I might know such a thing.
  • “get revenge kieron blog 2008” – That’s just plain worrying!
  • “goat sacrifice programming” – Not a common practice to my knowledge!
  • “grotesque horse jokes” – There seems to be some very worrying people coming here!
  • “petrol can man by kieron” – What?
  • “Why is my name keiron” – I suggest you ask your parents, I know why I’m called Keiron!
  • “the frying pan sharon sleeping in her own bed” – I’m afraid!?

With some of those more worrying ones I’m wondering I should continue posting…..