Much as I’ve posted a lot more recently I haven’t done a roundup of what’s popular and what’s not on this blog for sometime! For the first time rather than just using my internal stats packages I’m going to use Google Analytics for this purpose.

My most popular post over the last two months happens to be one of my most recent ones on the song “I fought the Lloyds” by Oystar, closely followed by my discussions of St Pancras, Traffic and Passion, and my new HTC Trinity / SPV M700.

Google and Yahoo are still number one delivery mechanisms into the site, but 115 visitors in the last two months have actually typed “” into their browsers – accident, popularity or snoopers – who knows!

The top search keyword fits exactly with the top post “I fought the Lloyds“, is clearly going to be exceedingly popular in the coming six weeks as it races to head for a number one spot in the chart – now that would be fantastic wouldn’t it?

On the technology and gadgets side of things a lot of people are looking for information about the SPV m700, MyMobiler, or Orange software packages and Tariffs. People are also curious about my Pinnacle Studio problems with Blue Screens of Death (thankfully this was resolved when I turned off hardware acceleration)

At the web and server end of the blog, there’s a lot of discussion about CSS styles (removing unused styles), convert2maildir (mbox to maildir) and mytop. Outlook Error codes seem to be one of the biggest hitters still as people suffer so many problems, personally I’ve switched to Thunderbird and wouldn’t switch back – the only problem is the lack of syncing ability in Thunderbird.

The interesting and often laughable keywords that have brought people here are “does keiron love”, “early daze, Swindon” (they’re actually quite good), and “hospitals are sued by 7 foot doctors”.

Interestingly the BlogRush widget has delivered 11 visits (it’s only been installed for one month), and they stay on the site for just 17 seconds (that’s far lower than the site average of 1 min 25 seconds, and very few of them visit more than the page they land on! Not sure whether I’ll be keeping BlogRush going forward based on that.

Another interesting couple of months at!