I find it somewhat concerning what people come to this website looking for!!

I’ve not done a search round up for a while – so thought I’d take a spin through my logs and see what the most popular search terms coming in to are!

For the perverse among you!
Worryingly in August and September the word of the month was ‘sucking‘ closely followed by ‘pants shit‘, and “bull shit”. I daren’t even go looking deeper into the logs to find out what caused people to find this site based on those terms!

On the Techie Front
September was popular for such search search terms as the history of linux and information on the xda3nbftool (used for upgrading XDA’s to WM5), and how to change the WM5 boot screen! There also seems to be a few outlook users suffering with error code 800ccca2!

The charmin advert has also proved popular! Along with a fact I didn’t even know “the king of hearts is the only king without a moustache” – that must appear somewhere on along with some “pub tricks”

I shall have to investigate the randomness of what you guys are searching for more often!!