You may have noticed in recent weeks an effort to rejuvenate this blog, get it read a bit more, get some interaction from readers etc. etc. So if you’re one of the recent members to take a look at this site, drop by and say hi!

The theme is one of my own designing (with some inspiration from another blog), and I quite like it – however I’ve just launched AmazingBusinessIdeas along with Glenn and I like the theme we’re using there even more, so be prepared for this blog changing frequently it’s look in the coming months! I might try the GlossyBlue from over there here for a while and see what i looks like! If you like what’s here let me know – as I’m going off it quite rapidly 🙁

With a little nudging from some other bloggers, I now dofollow, so leaving a comment will improve your inbound links (but it won’t stay there long if it’s not appropriate!). I’m also a Bumpzee member, so hi to all the other Bumpzee’rs!

I’ve also opened up commenting a lot more, in an effort to get people talking!

I’ve added the related posts plugin to allow you to find more interesting stuff that’s related, it really is generating some rot at the minute in what it believes is related, but hopefully that will improve