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Writing things down….

I haven’t blogged properly in a long, long time. This year I’ve made a commitment to myself to do more writing things down (both on paper and digitally). So much of my life lives in my head and I feel like getting it out of my head might really help me stay on top of things some days.

Where have I been for the last few years (other than the Instagram posts that fill this blog!)?

I’ve now got two children, a five and a two year old, that brings it’s own level of chaos!

I’m still running the hosting business, but focusing on more development projects as well (see GeekeryAsAService.co.uk), we’ve also recently taken over a completely different business (www.grubbybuggy.com).  There’s also a mountain of half finished side projects and Joint Ventures lying around (another thing on my list for this year!).

As you can see life pretty busy! As I write this I’m sat at my eldest’s tennis lesson, watching him race around and wondering where he gets the energy from. Then I remind myself that I’ve got a lot of years on him!

So let’s see where this attempt to write more goes, some of it is likely to be over on the Geekery as a Service blog, some here, some literally in my notebook never to be seen 🙂

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