I haven’t blogged properly in a long, long time. This year I’ve made a commitment to myself to do more writing things down (both on paper and digitally). So much of my life lives in my head and I feel like getting it out of my head might really help me stay on top of things some days.

Where have I been for the last few years (other than the Instagram posts that fill this blog!)?

I’ve now got two children, a five and a two year old, that brings it’s own level of chaos!

I’m still running the hosting business, but focusing on more development projects as well (see, we’ve also recently taken over a completely different business (  There’s also a mountain of half finished side projects and Joint Ventures lying around (another thing on my list for this year!).

As you can see life pretty busy! As I write this I’m sat at my eldest’s tennis lesson, watching him race around and wondering where he gets the energy from. Then I remind myself that I’ve got a lot of years on him!

So let’s see where this attempt to write more goes, some of it is likely to be over on the Geekery as a Service blog, some here, some literally in my notebook never to be seen 🙂