You may have noticed I’ve gone on a sudden posting frenzy in the last 24 hours and wondered why this is?

I’ve neglected my blog for some time, mainly because I’ve been busy! My business is growing and I have a one year old (well he will be on Sunday!), so what’s with the renewed interest?

Put simply, a few weeks ago I declared to a colleague that I was bored of social media, a brave statement coming from somebody in my line of business. I just really couldn’t really be bothered with it at all 🙁

  • Then I broke my blog with some API testing I was doing, and realised that people do actually read it so I thought I better keep it live….
  • Then I realised I could integrate Instagram so every picture I take is a blog post – now that I do like!!

So you’ll notice this blog being a bit free-er and easier from now on. Less focus on long blog posts (although they’ll probably come) and more “as and when” posts, enjoy!