I love the LifeHacker blog and constantly looking for new tools to make my life easier/quicker/smarter….. I never have time to post about all of them but I thought I’d post a few that I’m interested in having a play with right now!

If you’ve played with any of these, do let me know I’d love to hear your opinions (and save me the time of playing with something that is completely useless!!).

wrench rust

  • You know that annoying rectangle thing you get around icons in Windows when you drag and drop, that won’t disappear and just gets on your nerves until you reboot?
    Focus Rectangle Remover Finding Rin Tin Tin release (catchy title!) is all I need to say!
  • Editra is another text editor, I’m a Textpad addict, but this looks like it might be worth having a play with.
  • HearWho, will convert text into an MP3 to dump on your iPod, not sure why I might need it – but you never know!
  • Step away from the machine, that’s right sir, right away – your eyes need a break! Get EyeDefender.
  • Universal Viewer (ATViewier) sounds perfect for streaming through tonnes of files in a directory to see what’s in them!
  • Twitula – A smartphone version of Twitter sounds quite useful, you could use it to follow me!
  • Phantasmagoria looks quite good for messing with photos!

Creative Commons License photo credit: HVargas