Alright I know I’m a techie and I should be in love with my Kindle, but I love the feel of the paper and have quite a lot of books… My Kindle sits in a drawer and I survive on Audible most of the time as my book pile grows….

We’re about to decorate and I have a book case FULL, I’m going to have to be ruthless (mainly because I’ve been told I have to be ?), the “Will you ever read that again?” has been mentioned more than once!

I suspect there’s a couple of biographies and tech books I’ll keep but a lot will have to be re-homed (or maybe moved to a holding zone and if I don’t touch them in a set time frame they can go?).

How does everyone else handle this and where do your books go when you’ve finished with them?

Secondly, what is everyone reading (I promise I might just put them on my Kindle ?)