This is an update to my earlier discussion about Pinnacle Studio 10.5 continually crashing! 

Below is the mail I sent to Pinnacle about their Studio product on Wednesday


I recently downloaded the Trial version of Studio 10.5 from the Pinnacle website on the recommendation of a friend. I love it, the interface is slick and easy and it seems really easy to use – yet it crashes, and crashes, and crashes (time and time again).

I read that version 11 has increased stability and is probably a good thing, but no trial is available…….

So… Foolishly (or so it would seem) I go out and buy the Studio 11 Ultimate edition – yes, all £69.98 of it! I put two clips together – put a fade between them and what’s the first thing I see, that infamous blue screen of death again. I reboot, apply the patch to 11.1, I edit two different clips – fade them together, hit the preview button and blue screen of death again. I’ve currently rebooted my laptop 8 times tonight (unintentionally) and haven’t dared load studio whilst I right this email……….


I also posted it to their support forum where several users have tried to assist, but the FAQ Pinnacle referred me to during their live help discussion seems to have helped!

I was bordering on going out and buying a brand new desktop (something I will probably do in the not too distant future anyway!), but a few simple steps seems to have solved the problem (touch wood!).

1. I upgraded my video drivers.
2. I “Windows Updated”
3. I disabled Hardware Acceleration and Background Rendering

All in all that seems to have done the job, I spent a happy hour editing yesterday evening without a single problem, even getting on to using the green screen capabilities of Pinnacle 11 (Hey I have to – they sent me a green sheet to play with 😉 )