Dear Blog (and Fellow Bloggers),

Please accept this as way of an apology…. I realise I’ve neglected you recently, I’m really sorry – I’ve just been soooooooooooooooooo busy!

“Doing what?” I hear you ask, well:

  • I went on holiday!
    (hey I’m entitled to one – and had I not gone away I would have been liable to lynch somebody!)
  • I turned 30!
    (Yes I realise there’s plenty of oldie’s blogging and that’s no excuse, but the rest of my life has been hectic too!)
  • My job is horrendously busy at the moment!
    (To the point of me questioning whether to turn a computer on of an evening! – That’s bad – as anyone who knows me will tell you!)
  • I’ve been working on some programming projects.
    (Note the lack of exclamation mark, I’ve always got projects on and not enough time to do them in)

That pretty much sums it up, I’ve been reading a lot of you (well those whose blogs I know about and are in my reader – if you think you aren’t drop me a comment!) and passing the odd comment – but lots of your posts are “starred” in Google Reader and I feel it rude to come back and comment on them 4 months after you originally posted (I get the feeling I have too much in my reader!).

Ghosts of Goldfield

I promise to try harder in the not too distant future!