I started this blogging lark for a laugh really, but to be honest it has become really useful – the jokes are always there to brighten up a boring day and the techie stuff is always handy to refer back to.

Microsoft is set to join the blogging revolution, hot on the tail of Google’s and AOL’s version, when it launches MSN Spaces.

MSN Spaces will be free to anyone with a MSN Messenger account or hotmail address – hmm let’s see, it would be easier to ask all those that don’t qualify for that to step forward??!? They plan to support the service with banner ads.

According to blog analysis firm Technorati, the so-called blogosphere, has doubled every five and a half months for the last 18 months.

It now estimates that the number of blogs in existence has exceeded 4.8 million, although some speculate that less than a quarter are regularly maintained.

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