I haven’t written a blog post for ages, or at least it seems like ages… The stats report it was sometime in October, all before birthdays and holidays! Looks like I’ve got some catching up to do!

Actually I can’t be bothered to catch up, it takes way too long – I think I’ll just resign myself to playing with this blog at least weekly going forward (if not daily!). How does that sound?

I’ve been doing some extensive work to get unbanned from Google. The previous blog that was here was badly configured and got spammed beyond comprehension (mainly with obscenities) and lead (I believe) to me being banned. I have since then tidied it up, locked off comments (I may bring them back with a captcha) and added some fairly hefty .htaccess rewrite rules, to rid myself of the aformentioned spammers (who still deliver many thousands of visitors a month – not the sort of people I want frequenting my little online territory thank you very much!). Hopefully Google will be happy with this and welcome me back with open arms!

The template for this blog, I really do dislike it, it’s clean and has adsense on it, but it’s not great by any stretch of the imagination “great”. I shall look around for something new and a bit cleaner!

Search Roundup
I thought I best do a bit of a search roundup whilst I’m here! What did my fellow online searchers find me for in November? Well it was a mixed bag again.

“Freevents x53” – I’m still fairly popular on this front, has nobody else bough this fantastic little dual core laptop? The Freevents x53 (or Phillips x53) is a joy to own and does not have a pyrotechnic battery meaning I can use it on flights… Excellent!

“Your country needs you” – I’ve never recruited anybody?!

“Zenidine Zidane” – Wow, that’s impressive if I’ve been ranked for that!

“Eclipse Internet Probles” – We rarely have any problems with Eclipe, in fact so few that you will always see me recommending them!

“800ccc69” – That Outlook error codes page is popular!

“Leicester City FC” – Not that I ever get home to see them anymore, but it’s nice to know I’m remembered for it!

Right, onward I go – as I’ve got stuff to do today!