Clearly I’m not, but the person responsible for translation at Swansea council is……

Officials wanting to put up a sign near a supermarket emailed their text off to Swansea council for translation into Welsh:

No entry for heavy
goods vehicles.
Residential site only

The translation promptly came back:

Nid wyf y swyddfa
ar hyn o bryd. Anfowch
unrhyw waith i’w gtyfieithu.

Clear as mud?

Except it isn’t…. The Welsh version of the sign actually reads:

I am not in the office at the moment.
Please send any work to be translated.

Fool’s Gold buy

It made me laugh on Friday and is still making me laugh now 🙂 Remind me of all those people you see with Chinese character tattoo’s and you wonder what they really say (and whether the tattoo artist had an evil sense of humour!!!).

Check out the BBC story for more examples of Welsh translations gone wrong (including those that don’t know their left from their right, and the cyclists with an inflamed bladder!)