I’ve just nipped to Sainsbury’s, it’s virtually at the end of our road so we do end up using it like a corner shop! Now before we go any further, this post may make me sound like a raging alcoholic, I’m not! However I do like a drink!

I was in there last night and after putting through a bottle of wine I was told “I nearly ID’d you!”. To be fair, I’m used to it, since Chemo and with short hair these days I seem to get asked just about everywhere! So fair enough, I’d been waiting for it, I’d seen her look up and half expected it the way she was watching me. Anyway we had a laugh about the fact I’m 28 and I trundled off with my wine and shopping.

So I go in tonight, yes, yes, yes I’m buying alcohol AGAIN, however Becks is on 2 x cases of 20 for £16, not a bad deal by anybody’s stretch of the imagination, and we will drink it, if not over Christmas then sometime over the coming months.

So I stack my 40 beers onto the conveyor before I realise it’s the same woman, she smiles and I think – fair enough she recognises me from last night we won’t have the same patter again….. Blow me if she doesn’t have the same patter with the couple in front of me and then look at me and say “You’ve got alochol too!”. What a genius! Her observation skills amaze me, get her a job in Security or Customs or something!?

Anyway, when I tell her that we had this discussion last night, she remembers and then continues from where we left off last night, before having a strop that they’re busy!

Long and short of it, the weathers kind of average, it’s chilly, but not particularly bad for the time of year, and it’s not chucking it down. So shop assistants have absolutely NOTHING to make idle chit-chat about!! So it’s ID! I have no objection to being ID’d, actually I think it’s a good thing! But please don’t spend the next 5 minutes discussing it with me everytime I come into the store!!