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Friends Blogs

I thought I’d have a quick check on how much the other guys Blogs I read regularly are getting updated (mainly to prove to myself that I’m not being completely lazy when I don’t updated mine!!).

  • Stynet – my esteemed colleague is more bone idle than I am and hasn’t done anything with his since September – he’s probably got lost in an XBox 360 somewhere!!
  • AWS – Is updated regularly, but I expect that from corporate developers blogs!
  • Burt – has abandoned the old Blogger blog at this address (although it still contains loads of useful information), and now posts along with some of his colleagues here: http://www.osworld.biz/ (I’ll get the Blogroll updated at some point!).
  • Lanre – Now lanre seems to have taken to a) Picture blogging, the theme of lobsters, celebs and drinking is nothing less than I would expect from Lanre. He also hasn’t posted in months.
  • Girlk Geekette dotNet isn’t responding unfortunately – there’s usually some good stuff on there.

I feel less lazy now, people who I don’t know offline and that I know are highly motivated or businesses are still blogging regularly. Friends that I see rarely and are techie’s really can’t be bothered!!

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