As some people will know through discussions I’ve had with them, I’ve ummed and ahh’ed a bit since taking on the Technorati Favourites Exchange, yes it has taken me to read some new and interesting blogs (and some utter trot, that will never darken my browser or bookmarks folder ever again!).

It appears Dosh Dosh has also come in for some criticism on the subject and Maki has written a long and highly detailed explanation behind the motiviation and details of the exchange program, as such I won’t go into the finer details here, you can read his post for details.

I personally found it difficult to reciprocally favourite websites I didn’t like, mostly because this messed up the “recent posts by my favourites” in Technorati (and my daily dose of lifehacker!), as such I will now be adopting the following policy:

By all means Favourite me , and drop me a comment on post you are interested in, let’s have a bit of dialogue here (I dofollow so you’ll benefit from it anyway). If I see you’ve made a comment, I’m likely to take a look at your blog (and even more so if you’ve favourited me as well).

Hell, if I look at your blog and like it, I might favourite it, and if I favourite it, I WILL read it, and am likely to post about it here! So win-win, you get a new reader, a favourite and a link, and I get something new to read and someone favouriting me!

On the subject of finding something new to read I’ve started a community over at Bumpzee, for finding new things to read, I find it difficult with the number of blogs on Technorati or anywhere to find something new to read, and during this experience of the favourites exchange I’ve learned about some interesting blogs. So the community I’ve setup at Bumpzee is all about finding new material – Why not join me!?