No, I’m not talking about having a split personalities (although given some of the things I hear about my readers that would not entirely surprise me!), I’m talking about E-mail (and all things techy communication I guess!).

Tricia raised the question on her blog a few days ago, I just read the post at the time and smiled thinking “we do that”, but something has made me come back to it a few times recently.

We definitely email each other, in fact the early days of our relationship were via MSN! It’s not done us any harm, we get married in the summer!

I work with technology all day everyday, but as I always tell people – it’s often quicker to get an email to me than it is a phone call! This might sound bizzare, but an email allows for a few things:

  • You, time to prepare what you want to say.
  • You, time to re-read it and think “that’s not what I want to say”!
  • Me, time to read it when it is convenient for me
  • Both of us time after reading reply, to walk away, think about what’s being said and reply appropriately!

All of the above cover my dislike sometimes of rash, abrupt and rushed telephone calls which can often spiral out of control. Is this just a sign of the times?

Back to the subject in question, emailing!

We work very different days, I can fire a few funny things over to Em and she’ll pick them up when she has time, rather than me going “Look at this, Look at this”, as Jade says this could “get old, fast”. I SMS if it’s more important, as it’s unobtrusive and I know she’ll see the message when she gets a spare few minutes in the day! If it’s really important I’ll call!

Emailing also means I can send a message to her, but if I know there’s a string of other people who many know the answer, I can email them and one of them can reply to all and she’ll know when she does check her mail I’ve already sorted the problem – save’s a string of phone calls to different people and duplicate work!

The other good one we have is MMS (Mobile Photo-Messaging), I can take a picture of something I’m about to buy, or one of our friends doing something silly and have it to her in seconds it’s fantastic!