I get tonnes of email, at home, at work. Unlike most people most of mine isn’t your regular spam, I run a hosting company so manage to filter the vast majority of it out for me (and my clients).

A lot of mine are newsletters (which I really should unsubscribe to because I just delete them anyway), or funnies.

Now,I like a funny as much as the next person, but I do object to my email address being given out to all and sundry (where it can then be picked up by spam address harvesters to send me more adverts for viagra and the like!), and then forwarded on, and on, and on.

A Solution?

You’ll probably know I’m a big fan of Getting Things Done, and one of their biggest followers is Merlin Mann of 43 folders, and he’s set up “Thanks. No.“, I might include this in my signature for some people!

BCC Please is another fine example, and that one actually educates people on using BCC. That would be a start!

I might even be able to do this “Five Sentences“, let’s face it – most people text – they’ll understand? Won’t they?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tim Morgan