I hate comment spam, I really, really hate comment spam! My previous incarnation of this blog was banned by Google for it (mainly because I couldn’t keep up with deleting all of the spam that came in!).

So when I set up the new I refused to allow comments without registration and really locked it down! A comment by Deborah of FastlaneTransport has made me think again, Akismet is picking up the majority of the rubbish which is nice and I would like to reward those who have taken the time to read and comment on any of my posts!

So I’ve installed the DoFollow WP-Plugin, which will remove the nofollow on links in comments after 1 day (to allow me time to remove anything that shouldn’t be there!), so from now on this is a dofollow blog!

I’ve also joined BumpZee a community for the DoFollow, I Follow and No NoFollow movement!