Not quite a Kentucky barn!

Since we moved house, my other half has been quite keen on us purchasing a shed… Not being a gardener I’ve shown about as much interest as a chocolate fireguard shows in a trip to Barbados!

We’ve got a Garage – it might be full of furniture at the minute, but once we’ve got rid of that I can’t see us storing a  car in it (the vast majority of UK garages if you drive your car into you can’t actually get out of the car!!!). Won’t that act as a “huge” shed?  Apparently not!

We need to redesign the whole garden so I’ve immediately said I’ll put power to that end of the garden (think lights and water feature maybe?).


After seeing this at LifeHacker I’ve got some real plans! Although I have an office in the house these days, Brian DeHamer’s home/shed office is fantastic! Particularly with his “Upgrades“.

If I didn’t have an office in the house – this would be a serious consideration!!!

Creative Commons License photo credit: foxypar4