Original recipe Coca Cola is now available for less than the price of a glass of red wine.

Simply mix together one can of cola with a pinch of cocaine and enjoy an authentic original recipe French wine of coca just like nana did before she became addicted to caffeine!

Original Recipe

This is all made possible because the average price of illegal drugs has fallen to it’s lowest level for a decade – with ecstasy tablets dropping from £14 to £4 (and as low as £1 in some parts of the country!), and heroin for as little as £35 a gram (down from £80 in 1995!), hard drugs have never been more affordable!

So with cocaine now down from an average £56 in 1995 to £45 ~ around £2.50 for each line sorted – you can enjoy authentic coca-cola!

Full story from the Indepenent here!