I know I sent some of you this a while back…….. Mainly the lads (this time you girlies get it too – make sure your blokes take note!!!!!), but this time I’m sending it on a far more serious note…. As someone going through this….

Yes, I’m OK – came out of hospital yesterday. Very sore, and with a fake one that I’m convinced is the inside of a kinder egg (they didn’t take my sense of humour away)! We won’t know whether it was or it wasn’t until we get the results in two weeks time – in the meantime Nurse Emma is being a little star!!

Check yourselves – or your blokes – it takes two seconds – and is VERY important.!

I’m at home for the next couple of weeks so feel free to bombard me with mail to keep me entertained (Fordy & Spindley! – That does not mean I want your entire inbox!!!)

Take Care All!