I haven’t blogged in ages! Look at that – the last time I blogged was July 10th! I’ve become a married man since then, of course not to the ever excitable Becky78 who caused a stir with my readers to generate the most commented upon post on this blog to date, but to Emma.

So why haven’t I blogged about all of it? Well the last couple of weeks were pretty hectic with wedding preparations. Then when we finally did get married we were married in the midst of the Great Floods of 2007 (The Independent have reported just some of the things that happened to people)! Utter chaos with guests taking upto 20 hour journey’s to get to us! Thanks guys!

After that we escaped to the sunshine (wouldn’t you after all those floods?) of Dubai and then the Maldives! Admittedly I spent a lot of time snorkelling in the Maldives, but the water was so much warmer than the floods here!! If you want to see some of the sights you can see when diving in the Maldives check out the Cybershot Photo Competition @ ProDivers, fantastic!

We got back from honeymoon and I had BetterWebSpace to catch up with (a process that’s still ongoing as I’m in full scale tidy up mode with the business), a house to sort and the “back to reality with a bump” moment of walking into the office!

I’ve caught up with my Facebook, now that’s a full time job in itself, is it a fad? I’m not sure, it’s certainly stopped the random parcels from eBay arriving at our house as Emma spends more time on Facebook than eBay now! Heck Emma’s even found time to post on our blog (

So, as you can see, time has been somewhat limited! I also realised something about my blog, it’s become more of a thought process than it used to be….

I used to blog about anything and everything, now blog posts seem to be more thought out? Is this a good thing? Does it bring readers back? Or would they prefer to see more blog posts and a little more random and less well thought out? Let me know what you think and what do you know about how to create a blog.