I’ve been fairly quiet on the old blogging thing this week, this is an effort to catch up a bit!

We were at a wedding in Datchett, just up the road some of you may think. The 66 mile journey took some 3 hours after the M4 was reduced to one lane for an overturned lorry! So, a bit of a mad dash when we got there. We stayed in an innkeepers lodge (a room that was missing a TV remote and a couple of light bulbs – very odd!).

I’ve been having a play with “Affiliate Project X“, an ebook I bought sometime back. I’ll be honest, it’s fallen on it’s backside and I’ve lost money at the minute. My execution probably and something I’ll try to look at in the near future.

The hosting business is busy, very busy in fact although I’ve got a list as long as your arm of things I want to get on with for the business!!

I may write more if I have more time over the weekend!