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Archive for News

The Day Social Media Simply Froze!

What did you do while Twitter was out for two hours? Switch to Facebook? Was your profile available there? No? My goodness Social Media froze and all apparently for one blogger! An orchestrated attack yesterday on several sites caused a two hour blackout on Twitter and degraded service on Facebook. Even Google was hit, but defended itself and is now assisting other companies to investigate the attack. It now appears that all of this was to annoy one user, a pro-Georgian activist blogger known as Cyxymu, Cyxymu has previously been critical of the Russian government over the war in the South Ossetia region and their handling of it. A botnet (networks of home and business computers which have been infected… Continue reading »

by Keiron on August 7th, 2009 | News | 1 Comment » |

Rachel Gets Fruity – Time to Check Them Boys!

As someone who has had Testicular Cancer I always advise people to check them… And one of the very first posts I made on this blog a couple of years ago was a video that should motivate all men to check them! Unfortunately the video has moved around a lot, and links have broken etc. But I spotted it today on YouTube so thought I’d repost!

by Keiron on August 2nd, 2009 | Health | 7 Comments » |

It's all Downhill from 27

I have more forgetful moments these days, “a sign of age” I joke as my wife extracts yet another white hair from my head (I keep telling her I’m going to go grey gracefully like George Clooney but she’s having none of it!). Now in a new study by Virginia University it’s announced that it’s all downhill from 27 (and there was me hoping it was plain sailing until I was 40!). So clearly I’m past it already – this news gives me more ammunition for not taking part in my wife’s gardening or decorating schemes I think! Professor Timothy Salthouse has found that reasoning, speed of thought and spatial visualisation all decline in your late 20’s, fortunately my wife… Continue reading »

by Keiron on March 16th, 2009 | News | 6 Comments » |

Terrible Driver!

I had to smile at this today, Irish police have finally got a handle on the most reckless driver in the country, a driver who has racked up speeding tickets and parking fines across Republic. Today it’s all over. Everytime the serial offender was stopped Mr Prawo Jazdy gave a different address, evading justice yet again…. “Prawo Jarzdy” is actually Polish for “Driving Licence”, it is not the first and second name on the licence as assumed by many officers! photo credit: Kecko

by Keiron on February 19th, 2009 | News | 6 Comments » |

Click – Click – Curse – Click – Click – Curse!

Darren recently discussed the prospect of seeing the staggerdance as drunken businessmen made their way home from Christmas lunches, but it appears night owls in Torbay will be denied a public showing of the female version of this dance!!! Police in Devon are to hand out flip-flops from their Police Safe Bus in one of the main stag and hen night areas, they will offer them to drunken women who are struggling in their high heels! The flip flops have messages about safe alcohol limits printed on them, so not only will they have to negotiate the takeaway menu, but try to read shoes that they were wearing (it’s possibly more humorous than the staggerdance actually!!). photo credit: leafar.

by Keiron on November 28th, 2008 | News | 2 Comments » |

Black Friday

I suddenly got all these offers in my inbox due to “Black Friday” over the last few days – it wasn’t something I’d heard of so I went and did a little digging…. Expecting it to be stock market related (like Black Monday given recent stock market declines Black Friday is apparently the Friday after Thanksgiving in the US and is the start of the Christmas shopping season (we’ve done most of ours already!). It’s not officially a holiday but many people will take the day off work for it (a day off for shopping they must be mad!) as there are large discounts to take advantage of. I guess it’s kind of like what we call Visa Card Saturday… Continue reading »

by Keiron on November 28th, 2008 | News | No Comments » |

Terminal 5

I can probably think of far worse things… I personally laughed at it, declaring it to be a typically British event! download The Dying Gaul photo credit: ricoeurian Apparently Heathrow Airport’s T5 was a source of “National Embarrassment” during it’s opening month, this March. Problems ranged from: Cancelled flights Thousands of bags going missing Long queues Sounds like a pretty normal trip to the airport as far as I’m concerned!!! Alright 36,584 people turned up on the first day, and faced long queues with no idea what was going on, and luggage was sorted off-site (23,205 bags manually!). Street Fighter Alpha: Generations dvd I’ve got to be honest, I would never have gone there on opening day!! Personally I don’t… Continue reading »

by Keiron on November 3rd, 2008 | News | 1 Comment » |